15 Years Of Excellence

It has been 15 years since the region’s steel fabrication and metal working industry changed the way how it did business. It’s 15 years ago that SteelFab made its debut! A lot has changed since then, and the event continues to steer the industry through the ups and downs of the economy and the market. Over the years, it has grown with the industry, and along the way, expanded its geographical footprint far and wide.

Strong Tailwinds

Strong macro-economic tailwinds are set to propel the growth of the region’s steel fabrication and metal working industry. Prominent among them is the rise in oil prices, which, coupled with easier fiscal consolidation and tax reforms, will help the UAE, the most diversified economy in the GCC, to register a higher growth of 3.8% in 2018.

These factors are set to drastically boost government revenues, which in turn is encouraging a shift away from its austerity measures. With less than 1,000 days to go for the World Expo 2020, and mega projects like the Dhs 2.4 billion Maryam Island getting launched, a multitude of opportunities are awaiting the regional fabrication sector.

Expo 2020 Not Far Away

Preparations for World Expo 2020 have picked up pace and are generating tremendous opportunities for the fabrication sector. Expo 2020 has awarded two major contracts worth US$ 182 million to Laing O'Rourke to build two pavilions and an access road for Expo 2020. The organisers awarded construction contracts worth nearly US$ 3 billion in 2017 while US$ 111.5 million was allocated for non-construction contracts. In total, 2,745 contracts have been awarded to date.

The Best In The Business

SteelFab, during its previous edition, once again proved that there is no match to it when it comes to providing the latest technology and industry know-how. Held in January 2018, it featured more than 1,000 brands and attracted close to 7,200 visitors during its four-day run.


    SteelFab has firmly established its place as the most dynamic and dependable platform for the regional steel fabrication.

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    Expanding manufacturing & production facilities, demand for machine tools are growing in the region.

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    In the region, the oil & gas sector and power & water desalination industry are supporting the industry.

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    reduce maintenance cycles & costs, and improve energy efficiency can focus on this section

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Fabricators Forum & Awards
The Way Forward

SteelFab has embarked on a new journey, taking into consideration the regional industry’s current and future requirements in terms of equipment and technology as well as support and recognition that it rightly deserves. The result is the abricators Forum and the Middle East Fabricators Awards 2019. While the forum will facilitate regular meeting of fabricators to encourage dialogue and discussion among its members, the awards aim at recognising those organisations that demonstrate leadership and innovation from both the private and public sectors. The first Fabricators Awards will be presented during the upcoming SteelFab in 2019.

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Concurrent Event - Fasteners World Middle East

What started off as a special section on fasteners and fixing technologies at SteelFab, Fasteners World Middle East burst into a full-fledged trade fair on the back on phenomenal response from the regional industry. It is now in its fourth edition and held alongside SteelFab. It is now the first go-to place for sectors such as construction, petrochemicals, refineries, rigs, power generation, chemical installations, desalination plants, automotive, electronics, electrical and household goods, furniture and many more for their requirements of fasteners and fixing technology.

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