SteelFab - Fabricators forum - The Way Forward


The SteelFab-Fabricators forum under the Aegis of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Expo Centre Sharjah will be a forum “of the Fabricators, by the fabricators, for the Fabricators”.

Membership will be open to all Fabricators, Metal Fabricators and engineering firms in the Middle East.


⇰ To encourage dialogue & discussion amongst its members
⇰ To facilitate educational talks, seminars and discussions on important technical generic topics on the industry.
⇰ To identify & mutually solve any generic problems & areas of future concern for the industry
⇰ To facilitate industry benchmarking on practices & methods
⇰ To facilitate intra-industry benchmarking to elevate the status of Middle East industry
⇰ To provide key indications & trends analysis to the members


SteelFab Middle East Fabricators Awards 2019


Fabricators in the Middle East are moving forward to embrace best practices and have grown into reputable organizations, able to take on the most complex and intricate fabrication requirements. With expertise ranging from mammoth structures to precision engineering jobs, Middle East fabricators stand amongst the best in the world.


SteelFab has been the Middle East regional reference trade show for the metal working, metal manufacturing & steel fabrication industries for over 14 years. Bringing the latest technological advancements and “best-in-class” machinery & equipment to the region, it has been an invaluable aid in enhancing the productivity &efficiency of the Middle East fabricator.


To capture this partnership and celebrate their efforts and what it takes to be at the forefront of fabrication within the Middle East industry, Expo Centre Sharjah, are proud to introduce the SteelFab –Middle East Fabricators award, aimed at recognizing those organizations who demonstrate leadership and innovation from both the private and public sectors.



⇰ Machining/Turning
⇰ Bending/plate fabrication
⇰ Sheet Metal Fabrication
⇰ Structural Steel Fabrication
⇰ Pipe & Tube Fabrication
⇰ Welding & Cutting


⇰ Operations
⇰ Safety
⇰ Environment
⇰ Media / Information
⇰ Adapting New Technology


The Jury will be selected from eminent personalities from the Machinery Manufacturing Associations, Classification Societies, Standards Agencies, Industry Media and Scholars on the related subjects.


SteelFab – Middle East Fabricators awards as befits a sought-after industry award will honour the best of standards and technical skills in each category.

Submissions will need to be accompanied by substantial documentation such as drawings, photographs, videos and such required by the set guidelines and on request by jury.

Short listed applicants will be informed in advance and the final winners will be announced at a gala ceremony alongside the SteelFab 2019 event.


The SteelFab – Middle East Fabricators Awards 2019 gala ceremony will be an epic gathering of industry professionals to celebrate the awarding of their fellow professionals at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Corporates will be invited to sponsor tables and seats for their deserving staff to witness the program

Machinery & Equipment manufacturers will be invited to sponsor specific award categories.

A host of sponsorship opportunities will be made available for this high visibility niche industry event.

We look forward to enhancing the partnership between SteelFab and the Middle East fabrication industry and look forward to your suggestions and comments.