Novofil S.r.l. is a private welding wires Italian manufacturer founded in 1986 and operating on the worldwide market (exports circa 80% of its production).

Novofil S.r.l. produces: Co2 welding wires in types ER 70S-3, ER 70S-4, ER 70S-6, ER70S-7 (as per AWS Specs) – SG1, SG2 and SG3 (EU Class) for Mig/Mag welding; 

Low alloy welding wires ER 80 SG, ER 80SD-2,ER 80S-Ni1, ER 80SB-2, ER 70S-A1, ER 90SD-2, ER 100 /110 / 120 SG  ( Ni Mo Cr family) and aluminium welding wires ( since2011) in different alloys : 4043/5183/5356/1050/1080/5087 

The monthly production output is circa 2500 tons split between spools and mega packs in a technologically advanced warehouse equipped with automatized machines requiring only 35 workers on three shifts.

In order to guarantee stabilized high quality of all own products, Novofil is accomplishing to the ISO 9001 Management System and have received the certification CE for the entire production. Additionally for each products, there are the most important certifications such as TUV, DB, ABS LR, ISO 9001, DNV-GL, BV, CWB, and NAKS
Novofil is always moving towards their customers’ requirements and in fact the research & developments is playing a very important role: as last achievement Novofil has introduced the innovative CuZn coating process capable to increase the efficiency of the welding wires by 40% vs standard copper coated material granting a very important fumes level reduction (almost the half of toxic values have been found in a testing process!!)

Novofil is in fact extremely sensible to the health of the welders and it’s actively working to offer better solution in the welding markets!